If you are someone who cares about fuel efficiency and believe in doing your bit to reduce damage to environment, here cheap nfl jerseys are few simple steps that will help you get better fuel efficiency while adding to the life of your engine too! Go ahead, drive smart!

Lighten the load

Remove unnecessary weight from your vehicle. The more weight you carry, the more the engine has to work and the more cheap jordans for sale fuel it uses.

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Keep tyres at the right pressure

Always maintain the recommended tyre pressure. Under-inflated tyres cause Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses resistance, which make your engine Urbana,Bangalore work harder. Tyres can lose up to 50% of pressure without looking very different from a properly inflated tyre.


Keep AC in recirculation mode

While using the Cheap Jordans AC, make sure that the recirculation button is on. The compressor has to

work much harder cheap Air Jordans to cool the hot air coming from outside as compared to re-cooling the air bestellen inside your car’s cabin. (Re-circulating the air already inside your car can help cool down your car – faster than fresh air pulled into the cabin).


Don’t rev up the engine

Do not over rev your engine. Running the engine smoothly ensures better performance and economy for the life of the vehicle. Try to drive smoothly in the city and avoid sudden acceleration and deceleration. If you are going to idle for a longer time, switch off the engine. Do refer to the owner’s manual to learn about the optimum driving range for each gear.

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Service the car regularly

Parts wear out over time, making your car less efficient. It is therefore important to get your car serviced at recommended service intervals.


Maintain Constant Ray Ban sale Speed

Varying speeds do not make the car as efficient as a constant speed will zgomrvb. Especially when out on the open road, try to maintain wholesale nfl jerseys a consistent rate of travel. Speeds over a 100 km/h will consume a lot more fuel than at 80 – 90 km/h. Keep within this limit to maximize the fuel economy of your car.


These are just a few steps that account for minor improvements, but if followed regularly can lead to a significant increase in the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.