Soak yourself in the splatter of the rain drops on your car windows and your favorited music playlist, or stop over for a cup of hot tea – nothing can beat the thrill and the fun of a long drive in the rain.

However, monsoon driving can be quite challenging too. Here are some “must follow” tips to make your monsoon drive safe and pleasurable.

  1. Monsoon Check-Up And Maintenance
    A pre-monsoon check-up is an absolute must. To make it easier for you, Ford also holds Monsoon Service Camps so you’re ready for the rains.
    Monsoon Check-Up And Maintenance
  2. Leave Early, And Slow Down
    Whether you are driving to work or home, pouring rain can make the usual commute more onerous and dangerous. Leave earlier than usual to get some lead time for the extra time necessary, and slowdown. The worse the conditions, the lower your speed should be.
    Monsoon Check-Up And Maintenance
  3. Turn The Headlights On, Leave The High Beams Off
    Seeing a pair of headlights coming out of the gloomy monsoon rain will help drivers better identify the traffic. While headlights help us be seen, high beams can also have adverse effects for oncoming drivers. High beams can be a distraction even on a normal day. Use them wisely.
    Monsoon Check-Up And Maintenance
  4. Be Calm
    Traffic snarls are likely to increase. Often, so does the honking! Be calm.
    Monsoon Check-Up And Maintenance
  5. Avoid Potholes And Large Bodies Of Water
    Puddles can hide potholes, large cavities and sharp objects such as a broken glass.  Do not attempt to drive through deep puddles. Try to drive around them, being mindful of vehicles in adjacent lanes.
    Also see: If you happen to run over potholes, inspect your car for potential problem areas.
    Monsoon Check-Up And Maintenance
  6. Beware Of Hydroplaning, And Pull Over If It Gets Too Harsh Out There
    In the event of torrential rains, there is also the risk of hydroplaning, which is when your car loses contact with the road because of rainwater between your tires and the road surface.
    Monsoon Check-Up And Maintenance
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